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With over 10 years of experience, our Barbadian website design and digital marketing specialist make Kromium Digital your one-stop company for your modern online experience.
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Why choose Kromium Digital as your Jamaican Web Design company?


We design sleek, modern, secure and custom websites specific to your large or small business needs. Your online presence will be optimized for all mobile and desktop platforms. Our web design solutions are easy to use and navigate while portraying the feel of your business’s professionalism, in both new and redesigned websites.

Kromium Digital Jamaica creates affordable web design solutions to help you profit sooner.

Our team will guide your project from a creative recognizable branded domain name with cost-effective hosting. To an elegant functional web design targeted to Jamaica and or International audiences carefully crafted to earn your revenue and increase your business presence.

All our projects are SEO optimized with the option for other Digital Marketing Programs we offer. We will ensure your business has the absolute best chance of success while remaining by your side every step of the way by providing monitoring and further optimization for months after your project is completed free of cost.


Don’t yet have a domain name or website name? Don’t worry, our team will help you cherry pick the right name for your online business presence. We will handle all the technical stuff.


We primarily use WordPress.  One of the world’s most popular and easy to maintain content management systems for the majority of our designs (more custom solutions are available).

Web Design

In this modern age, it is important to have a sleek, fast but functional website design. Your graphical design choices should only enhance users experience and not be attractive without function. Our designs are beautiful but with a purpose.

Social Media Integration

We implement various social media buttons providing your users with the ability to share content at their fingertips. Digital marketing goes hand in hand with a website and further strengthens your online presence and reach.

barbados web design

With a domain comes hosting. It is important that your website host is fast and near to your customers. We recommend the best quality but low-cost website hosting solution for our clients that fits their budget and website needs.


Have your website work for you. A website is an investment, but one which should repay for itself. We design search engine optimized sites so your business will be visible when customers search for your services on the web both locally and internationally.


We monitor user information sources and habits to help you target your customer audience better. This data can be used to optimize your website in addition to your physical business.

Sales Funnel

When users visit your business website it is important that they are not at any time confused and leave out of frustration. We create targeted traffic sales funnels complete with helpful cues to guide your customers to a conversion.

Your business will be given the best chance to be prominently shown in search engines listing your business’s name, and services which you offer. Your package is bundled with analytical software which is monitored months after web development is complete. This allows us to adjust your site and content as time and user intents change.

What to expect from a Kromium Digital designed website?

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

We will help you state or redesign your presence on the web.

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

A beautiful and functional mobile and desktop compatible design.



A fast user-friendly experience thanks to our UX and speed experts.

Affordable Solution

Affordable Solution

An affordable and low-maintenance solution.

Time for a Change

Time for a Change

We offer a hands-off approach.
After a plan of action is chosen we will handle all the grunt work;
leaving you time to run your business.

Website Design Plans

$499.99 USDstarting per project
  • Includes up to a basic 5-page website
  • WordPress CMS
  • SEO Optimized Pages
  • Optimized Sales Funnels
  • Social Media Integration

Website Audit

$125.00 USDper project
  • SEO Optimized Pages
  • Optimized Sales Funnels
  • Speed
  • Trust Factors

We compile a list of issues prioritized by importance.

Organic SEO Plans

$149.99 USDstarting per website
  • This packages goes well with a website Audit.
  • Detailed keyword research.
  • Optimization of your website content and technical tags.
  • Speed and user satisfaction monitoring.
  • Optimized sales funnels.

Custom plans are available depending on the project. Contact us below with more details about your specific project.