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How We Helped Our Client Win

  Who is The Mystery Client? For the last decade, Atlantic Computers has prided themselves on their product selection, competitive prices, and exemplary customer service. Many customers visit their Barbados Maxwell location to express fond memories of how they have been supporting the store since its “Oistins days” and we’re quite sure many of their long-time customers, who have become family, will agree with their slogan; “It’s worth the drive to Maxwell”.   Seeing how cost-effective digital marketing is as compared to traditional means of advertising; namely print, they have now fully embraced the new marketing paradigm and Atlantic Computers have been our client for some time. Of recent, we have been implementing organic and paid techniques to combat the Facebook Apocalypse (more on that next time).   When it came to the paid side of things we did some split testing for a particular campaign and we were able to achieve unexpected results. Let’s dive deeper.   Why Even Bother Testing? We tested because we’re extra. Just kidding. We knew what was possible and we pushed the envelope. The goal is always to get the desired result at the lowest cost possible. Your ads don’t need to be seen […]

Facebook Messenger Chatbots: Do More While Doing Less with Digital Virtual Automation

Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of being overwhelmed by your page’s inbox or losing potential customers because you didn’t see their message or forgot to reply. What’s awesome is that there’s a solution that will not only save you valuable time but generate sales with no extra effort from yourself? Introducing Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Here are three reasons to get one installed on your page. 1. Artificial Intelligence – They’re Smart! How smart? Google Assistant is hands-down, the best Digital Assistant there is right now. Why? Because Google has the world’s largest information base. This base is what their artificial intelligence platforms are based on, the same A.I that will power your page’s chatbot. This is what makes it easy for them to understand human language, interpret context and respond just like one of us.  2. Retargeting – Build Your Data Assets Each person who messages your page is a potential customer but what happens when those conversations end? Your Facebook bot can be built to capture data which you can use to retarget them with ads later. This means your ads can be more targeted and cost-effective. Persons can even be directed to subscribe to your […]

Web Design & Development: Make Your Website An Asset

It’s 2018 and most businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to digital marketing to build their businesses. Even before there was Facebook…before there was social media for that matter, websites were at the center of a new age, marketing strategies. Here are the 3 keys to having a website which generates business. Content – Be Seen & Heard If you’re anything like most people, then whenever you need to find some information on anything, you turn to Google. We also bet that you seldom visit the second page of the search results because you don’t have the time. It makes sense to have your website appear where everyone looks don’t it? Simply having “well written” content isn’t enough. Having a website written without keywords hides your business from those who’re looking for you. Your website is your spokesperson, your salesman, but here is the thing – visitors hate to feel like they’re being sold to. Skilled copywriting means speaking the language of the consumer; it doesn’t matter what you want, or how awesome your product is. What matters is how your product can help them. Visitors are most likely to do business with you when they aren’t spoken to in a […]

Facebook Advertising: Finding the Elusive Sweet Spot

Many in the business and marketing fields are transitioning to social media to build and market their businesses. With the cost-effectiveness of social media advertising, it’s no wonder why; ROI will always reign supreme. However, many have brought their traditional marketing philosophies with them and are frustrated with the results (or lack of results) they are getting. We will bring you one step closer to finding your “sweet spot” for low-cost ads with high ROIs.   How much should I spend? This question was probably on your mind from the time you read the title so let’s get it out of the way. Firstly, this is a very subjective question because it all depends on what results you are trying to achieve with a particular campaign. We also recommend a period of testing; 1-2 weeks before dedicating a budget to your campaign. We recommend testing audiences, delivery optimization, creative and placements. Facebook makes it easy to test these factors with its A/B split testing functionality. Do not be afraid to experiment during this period, that’s the purpose. The end result should be a highly optimized Ad which is able to generate the ideal results at the lowest possible cost   […]